Where is home in Manila?

Finding your condo in Manila may likely begin with your telling us the location  you want or the room count.  You may be on your first or your nth condo search journey.

But if you share with us how you want to wake up in the morning; what your space needs to be on a typical day;   how you want to get there; and what could you do in and around it–we could help you choose a place  and a crowd that echo the kind of life that you want to live. 

Even if  mobile technologies allow you to live and work wherever you want in the world, there’s nothing like owning a real home where no one could make you move as someone else is coming in.

It’s a bonus to have a pretty cool, Instagram-worthy place to post. It’s nice to bump into a like-minded individual in the corridor of your condo tower.

You may want a  neighbor whom you could leave your apartment keys with if you’re going out of town, have a drink or dinner with on the fly.  Or borrow some wifi from as yours conked out.

Or one that doesn’t bother you at all.

But at day’s end, you want to just turn your phone off without fear and let the real you out, away from the world’s eyes.

Are these your ideas of ‘home’?

Connect with me, tell me what home is to you.  Temporary or permanent, we know the perfect space for you is out there.  It’s my hope that my team and I will listen well enough. And we hope that in the list of condos in Manila that we’ll show you, one of them would make you say,  “This is me, in the place where I want to be”.

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